1. Props to Chloe on the kawaii-sized starburst drink (off of the #starbuckssecretmenu ) :3

  2. (Source: disneydoge, via strawburry17)

  3. theimprobablesteve:

    Yum, breakfast.


  4. "There seems to be something within us that resists ending"
    — Dieter F. Uchtdorf
  5. I seriously want to build this

  6. #rip un-named goldfish. You will live on in our hearts forever. Until the dog probably digs up your grave because she has no social boundaries because she is a dog…

  7. This is the fish that died, right after I wake up from having a dream that it would happen…! #whatthepsychic

  8. My hair has once again decided that it’s…. #tidalwavetuesday

  9. ~MustAche~

  10. View from Mt. Angel yesterday..


  11. I just watched the trailer for the fault in our stars and I’m not planning on seeing the movie. It frustrates me SO MUCH that they are making movies out of every last book…. While it’s cool to have a movie like that, it can’t coexist with the book…. People cannot hold 2 different pictures for the same thing in their mind.

    At least I can’t.

    So if my friend who has also read the book likes it, I might possibly consider having my imagination ripped out in the theatre.

  12. This book ripped my heart out through my rib cage, in the most beautiful way. #thefaultinourstars

  13. My thoughts on #ranchdressing

  14. #Snugglez


  15. there is just a lot of pressure in my life for me to not look stupid.