1. Haircut took a totally different route than I planned when I picked up the scissors… Such salvage. Much hope look okay… Haha

  2. Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees faces on inanimate objects like this..

  3. The crew.

  4. Makin rainbow cupcakes. Hopefully the insane amount of food coloring doesn’t kill anyone early on in their lives.

  5. I might have drawn an evil Pinocchio at work yesterday. I’m not sure… (I completely spelled Pinocchio incorrectly on his shirt)

  6. It’s so hard to contain my enthusiasm over waking up at 6:30 EVERY DAY…

  7. Bubbles in the grass..

  8. Oh, you know, just a duck at the dry-cleaners…

  9. I think he enjoyed the grape I gave him. :3


  10. What does anxiety feel like?

    It feels like the first of kindergarten. Over and over. And over.

  11. Can you imagine how insane it would have been to have seen the first rainbow? Seriously.

  12. Found my first legitimately WHITE hair… My whippersnapper days are coming to a close… 👦➡️👴

  13. Made these with Steve yesterday. I like the various levels of deformity lol

  14. Props to the raccoon in this video. For(1) being adorable while eating cherries before I had my camera out. And (2) killing that stupid bird shortly after this clip. (Do you hear how AWFUL that freaking bird call is? That’s the bird that had been waking me up until now.) So Raccoon, thank you. Thank you for being cute and murdering nature’s alarm clock. :3

  15. Expectation vs reality at the price of 1.18